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Shoe Care - We Care

Shoe care has been part of our culture since the beginning. We want our customers to

step out in style and comfort, and we want their shoes to look great for a long time.

Shoe care must be offered on the sales floor, not at the cash counter. Shoe care should not be a pressure sell. You really need to believe that you are helping the customer or you won’t sell these products.

TIP: Want to feel confident selling shoe care? Build your knowledge – learn one product at a time. Once you’re successful selling it, learn another product, and so on.

When it comes to selling shoe care, personal experience works best. Try and use the products and you’ll soon become an expert. Try 3 different products on the shoes you’re wearing or on a colleague’s shoes

TIP: Just like shoes, if the customer doesn’t feel or see how the product helps, they probably won’t be convinced that they need it.

Watch our SC video below and let's start the show!

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