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K.E.P. knowledge exchange program

At CIS we always value our team and make constant efforts to improve quality of our team and support them to grow.

On of our latest initiatives to boost the knowledge of our people and give them opportunity to learn new skills and advance existing ones we start K.E.P. development program.

•K.E.P. is an internal development program for Store Managers who shows interest and ability to expand their Knowledge / Roles in Retail Business Management.

•It's in various departments: Buying/merchandising, Sales and Operations, Visual Merchandising. Program designed to be completed in 8-12 Weeks and includes Theory, Workshops, Assessments.

•Managers will have a choice in which Field they will challenge their limits and put extra effort to gain more knowledge

Program will have pre-assessment to understand their basic skills based on areas of interest shown by managers, will put training schedules, share knowledge, assign tasks and workshops, guide and support them, asses and involve in individual projects.

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