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CIS MRM on 10th June

We had our monthly managers meeting for CIS UAE on 10th June to discuss business and to share knowledge. All store leaders from all over UAE came together with sales & Operations managers, VM and GM to review May performance with Ramadan and June sales. We had shared all points which worked well and which not worked and actions taken for improving business.

Leaders introduced their store performance and committed to deliver higher results to achieve sales budgets.

Ops team had given directions and tips to overcome difficult situations with customers and set clear goals for June.

We had discussed VM strategies for June and GM spoke about leadership and positive attitude in team.

Below some points discussed during MRM.

  • MRM attendance - mandatory from each store, if SM not available should be 2nd in charge

  • Business Review form to be prepared in advance after closing month and be ready for presentation during MRM

  • Min 3 actions should be available in BR form which will help to achieve projected targets

  • Important communication about stock, delivery or any other merchandise issues should be addressed to all brand team and cc to all ops and vm team in order to get quick response and solution.

  • Key activities and working points:

  • WOW service

  • Cool Competition

  • Invoice targets

  • Hourly traffic checking and TC comparision

  • Main goal to increase TC vs LY

  • CA conversion to increase to 30% by speaking and downloading app on sales floor.

  • Customer service and satisfaction:

  • in order to get customer satisfaction and provide great service we have to make customer experience memorable, so customer will remember about their visit to our store with positive thoughts and satisfaction.

  • Always speak about the brand, make quick and short introduction about the brand. Add value to the product.

  • Engage more and speak to every customer with asking questions and observing them.

  • WOW service to continue more often.

  • About Merchandising:

  • Consolidations to complete on time. ALL S17 stock to move out immediately.

  • Refill still not coming properly (Critical point)

  • Best seller consolidation issue, sizes missing (Critical point)

  • Some stores having extra sizes of SKUs which are best sellers in another stores (Critical point)

  • OS and online stock availability still not updated for S18

  • F17 consolidation to be done urgently after receiving file from brand team.

  • From GM points:

  • Need to show exceptional leadership - lead by example

  • Focus on positive things. Positive attitude is important to achieve more. Think what we do have and what we can manage to improve business.

  • VM Points:

  • Remove Ramadan Kareem and replace with EID Mubarak on 14th June

  • Wrap and store EID mubarak from 19th to use during Big EID

  • Discard Ramadan Kareem football

  • Keep/store safely Window and CU Ramadan risers from 19th June.

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