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April MRM

Updated: May 26, 2018

On 22nd May we had a very productive meeting with all store leaders, VM, brand and operations team and discussed April performance and May MTD results with Ramadan till date performance. We had discussions about sales, action plans, got some informative training, exchanged with ideas and knowledge and discussed strategies for next month.

Below main points discussed during MRM:

1. Review of April sales and productivity result.

Key activities

 a. invoice target

 b. wow service

 c. cool competition

 d. TC comparison

What is working

 a. wow service

 b. invoice target

 c. cool competition

 d. hourly traffic check

Critical Discussion

 a. Best seller are missing

 b. low walk in's

 c. OS- especially s18 not reflecting in the navision.

  • First review for the new comers is 3 months.

  • Final review after 5 months.

  • ASM will have 3% ratio (minimum)

  • Pocket invoice target are mandatory to all the stores.

  • Focus on achieving TC compare LY.

2. Ramadan Collection

  • Ladies - 39 SKU'S AND 243 AUR

  • MEN'S - 38 SKU'S AND 309 AUR

  • HB - 24 SKU'S AND 199 AUR

a. WH Stock report to be sent by brand team.

  - Analyze what will work in the store in advance.

b. Missed opportunities in sizes.

c. Ramadan target is 15% up over LY sale.

d. Best seller request to be sent every Sunday.

3. Cool Competition

  • Stores - Top 7 stores only.

  • Team - Top 15 Team only.

  • Social Media: Facebook  @ALDONIANS

  • Update cool competition everyday

4. CIS Events Calendar

  •  Monthly Planner

  • Should be followed 100%

  • Marketing analysis - weekly

  • To know competitor prices, promotion and collections.

  • To be able to support the brand team in terms of  collection , prices.

  • 30 minutes maximum to analyze marketing

a. KPI's 

  • Spending time with the team and plan action to have improvement.

  • To inform a team member where they are standing and what required.

  • KPI review is required in all the stores.

5. Daily Huddle/Briefing

  • To be implemented twice a day for 5-10 minutes, same place and same time.

a. When do we conduct coaching session?

  • Prior to starting shift

  • When all Team members are present

  • When teams are standing.

  • Session should be conducted by Store Manager.

b. What to discuss during session?

  • Start with good news (work related/personal)

  • what was accomplish yesterday/last week

  • where do we stand within the week, month

  • Top priorities for the day (choose 3)

  1. Numbers

  2. Invoice Target

  3. TC

  • Recognize team accomplishment

  • Problem solving

  • Share practices (let team member share how he/she did the number to achieve it

C. Why conduct coaching session?

  • to follow up goals

  • less time consuming

  • more efficient

  • straight to the point

  • group participation

  • quick decision making

  • encourage performance


  • conduct coaching session EVERYDAY.


  • MAKE SURE ALL TEAMS participate (including stock boy)

  • set CLEAR  goals.

  • always FOLLOW UP action plans.


  • May 31 - window changes (wait for the confirmation)

  • May 31 - Center Unit changes (continue using riser)

  • Men's CU- remove the city collection in the vm update in men's lateral wall and implement in the 1st CU of Men's.

  • Don't display big sizes in the window.


  • Benchmark 30% in all the stores.

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