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Who Are We?

We are Aldonians, people who embody love, respect, and integrity, who originate from planet victory.

The team of passionate and cool persons who live and work in UAE at Aldo Group / Apparel Group.

This is about people who want to be on top, be different and be the winner and same time to have a fun and share their knowledge and learn new things. 

About The Project

The idea of this project came from Mr. Aleksandr Karapetyan from 2016 who later in 2017 implemented it and created this website and run the project to make more fun and productive environment for the team.

In 2018 the project developed further and has become the coolest online competition platform for CIS UAE. The project was nominated in the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Business Innovation Award.

This project is to create a performance-driven culture and recognize top performers, evaluate their efforts and reward them. Same time it's a community platform to empower the team and communicate in a better way, to let people be heroes and inspire others.


We're looking forward to developing the project further by adding more features and cooler options to make it more excited.


If you want to get in touch just fill in the contact form below or chat with us!


Disclaimer: The Author and creator and owner of the project, platform, website are Aleksandr Karapetyan to whom belongs all rights and any use of materials or copies of the project and idea or any part of this website should be done only by written approval of the author.

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